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    Wireless remote concrete boom pump truck 21m

    Short Description:

    Wireless remote control concrete pump 21m is our patent product in China.

    Cummins Engine,Rexroth oil pump

    Engineering Chassis

    with high configuration, suitable for overseas market

  • Name: Truck Boom Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump, Concrete Pump
  • Terms of Trade: EXW, FOB, CIF
  • Annual Production: 1000 units per year
  • Payment Terms: TT, LC or 30%TT+70% TT or LC
  • Color: Can be painting according to customer's requirement
  • Function: Pumping concrete to the building
  • Spare Parts Brand: Global Purchased
  • Main Oil Pump: REXROTH
  • Pumpcrete Condtion: 100% New Produced
  • Brand: Co-nele
  • Aftersales Service: Guarranty for One Year
  • Product Detail

    Truck Boom Pump, Concrete Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump

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    Technical date






    泵送系统Pumping system

    最大理论输送量Max. Theor. Output m3/h 45
    混凝土最大出口压力 Max. Theor. concrete output Pressure MPa 8
    泵送频率(高压/低压) Pumping frequency min-1 15
    料斗容积   Hopper capacity L 600
    上料高度 Filling height mm 1350
    液压系统型式 Hydraulic system type   开式 Open loop
    分配阀形式Distribution valve   S管阀 S valve
    油缸缸径×行程    Oil cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ100×1400
    混凝土缸径×行程Concrete cylinder dia.×stroke mm φ200×1400
    液压油冷却Hydraulic oil cooling   风冷Air cooling
    推荐塌落度 Recommended concrete slump cm 12~23
    最大骨料尺寸    Max. aggregate dimension mm 40

    臂架Placing boom

    结构形式 Structure type   21-3R
    最大布料高度 Placing depth m 21
    最大布料半径 Horizontal distance m 17
    最大布料深度 Placing depth m 10.6
    回转角度Slewing angle   ±270°
    输送管直径  Pipe diameter mm 125
    末端软管长度End hose length mm 3000
    臂架最小打开高度Min. height of opening placing boom mm 7000
    支腿跨距(前××纵向)Outriggers span (front×rear×side) mm 4024×3100×5227

    底盘及整车Chassis and the whole machine

    底盘型号Chassis model   Made by ourself
    轴距 Wheelbase mm 4700
    发动机型号Engine brand


      Cummins 4BTA3.9-C130
    发动机额定功率 Engine power kW 97kw
    燃油箱容积Oil tank cubage L 150
    尾气排放标准Tail gas exhaust standard   Euro II
    整车外形尺寸(××) Overall dimensions mm 10540x2320x3570
    整车质量Total weight Kg 14280


    润滑方式Lubrication mode   手动液压两用同步润滑泵

    Manual hydraulic dual – use synchronous lubrication pump


    液压油箱容积 Oil tank volume L 500
    控制方式Control mode   手动+遥控Manualremote control
    压力水箱最大压力  Maximum water pressure MPa 0.8
    水箱容量  Water tank volume L 500
    混凝土管清洗方式Pipe cleaning mode   水洗/干洗Water cleaning/dry cleaning
      移动方式 moving type   自行走及拖行remote walking and trailer 

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