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    What points should I pay attention to when pumping concrete pump?

    To be honest, the pump has been open for a long time and naturally has some experience!
    Specifically, it is necessary to look at the material. There are several materials that cannot be used. 1. Too dry material has reached the point where it will not flow. 2. Separated material, sand and stone separated from cement slurry. 3. The super-mixed material of the admixture will catch the wall and it is easy to block. 4. There are too many materials in the stone to avoid misunderstanding, not the thinner the better the better, but to look at the ease, generally good material slump is between 140-80MM, between the materials The package is better and it has fluidity. Do not add water all the time, as it will destroy the workability of the material.
    There is also a need to stir the car before the material is turned, and the material is stirred, because the driver of the mixer will add water or add water to the construction site, and there will be a drum in the middle. If the material is not opened, the material will be separated. The most important thing about concrete pumps is that they will listen to the sound, look at the pressure gauge, when to increase the pressure, when to reduce the pressure, and when to return the pump is very important.
    I will listen to the sound and dismantle the tube. If it is blocked every time, it is estimated that you are not exhausted, and the foreman will hit you. It is very difficult for you to stop the pipe at one time, so you have to learn.
    There is also the need to remember to keep the concrete pump, the material is a taboo for blocking the pump!

    Post time: Nov-08-2019
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