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    Maintenance suggestions for hydraulic system of pump truck

    1) Keep the normal oil level high. An oil level gauge should be installed in the fuel tank for frequent observation and refueling.
    2) The oil performance should be checked regularly, and the oil tank should be replaced and cleaned in time when the specified requirements are not met.
    3) The oil filter should be cleaned frequently to ensure smooth oil suction.

    4) After the oil pump has been working for a period of time, (due to vibration) the installation screws or the oil inlet and outlet valve screws may be loose. Pay attention to check and tighten to prevent loosening.
    5) The maximum hydraulic impact force of the system shall not exceed 14Mpa.
    6) To do a good job in system maintenance, you must know the relationship between the working temperature of the oil in the tank (open circuit) and the temperature of the environment. The maximum temperature anywhere in the system must not exceed 90 degrees.

    Post time: Sep-10-2020
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