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    Konecranes products are exported overseas again-Maldives

    Konecranes products are once again exported abroad. In order to maintain the image of the Chinese brand, we have very strict quality requirements. This time our customers are far away in the Maldives.


    The batch of mixing truck-mounted pumps are still under construction in Maldives. The Maldivian side commented that almost all construction sites, large and small, have participated in more than one month after the purchase. This machine is still very exciting to use for strapping. It can work continuously throughout the day without downtime, basically no faults, and high efficiency. It can produce more than 1,000 square meters a day. It is indeed made in China. The quality is assured.


    After hearing the customer’s comments, we breathed a sigh of relief. Although we are very confident in our products, the praise after the customer’s testing is still exciting. The Konelo pump concrete pumps are faster, more fuel-efficient and more stable. , If you are interested or have questions about the above mixing pumps, please contact our online customer service, professional mixing pumps, truck pumps procurement consultants will provide you with the best procurement consulting services.

    Post time: Sep-07-2020
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