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    Konecranes’ pre-sales and after-sales services are doing very well.

    Jiangxi customer, Dongfeng 30m pump truck


    Recently, the company received a call from Mr. Zhang from Jiangxi who purchased a concrete pump from our company six months ago. On the phone, he said that he would buy another concrete pump this year.

    Mr. Zhang operated a leasing company. He bought a concrete pump truck from our company six months ago. According to Mr. Zhang, the country has paid attention to rural construction in recent years. The housing construction in rural areas is no longer as small as it once was. It was a small building, but due to limited manpower, it was inconvenient to deliver cement to the high-floor area. Last year, with a mentality of trying, I bought a Konecrale concrete pump truck and rented it to the customer. The customer later reported that it was very good. It is time-saving, labor-saving and efficient. The only drawback is that sometimes the car is rented by another company.

    Therefore, Mr. Zhang decided to buy two more units at the end of the year. Mr. Zhang said that he could start his business after the spring of the following year. The key point is that he should not worry about long-term return, because the demand is large, so now Business orders are all lined up, plus Konecranes’ pre-sales and after-sales services are doing very well, and you don’t have to worry about any problems at all. Just choose Konecranes.

    Konecranes’ pre-sales and after-sales services are doing very well.

    Konile is a large-scale construction machinery equipment enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and after-sales service. Specializing in the production of concrete pump trucks, concrete distributing machines, concrete delivery pumps, wet spraying machines, truck-mounted pumps, fine stone pumps, spray pumps, small boom pumps, small truck-mounted pumps, mixing tractor pumps, cement foaming machines, continuous pumps Construction machinery and equipment such as feeders, sludge pumps, and mining concrete pumps are of excellent technology and excellent quality. Welcome new and old customers to come to inquire and order!

    Post time: May-19-2020
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