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    42m-5RZ boom pump truck

    Short Description:

    1.EquipΦ260mm cylinder, large displacement (125m3 / h) pumping system, the material absorption is more than 88%, the number of commutation with the same displacement is low, and the wearing parts life is long;

      2.The pumping system adopts electronically controlled commutation. The pumping commutation is quick and accurate, for system impact is small, and the actual pumping efficiency is increased by more than 7% over the conventional hydraulically controlled commutation system.

      3.Adopts industrial large pump truck integrated valve, the line is simple, the pressure loss is small, compared to the conventional valve energy saving 17%. Hydraulic systems are not prone to heat.

       4.Equipped high and low pressure pumping switching function, can pump large displacement, high speed and high efficiency. When encountering poor materials, high-pressure pumping is not easy to block the pipe.

       5.Equipped with full power and energy-saving dual pumping mode, the fuel consumption is lower. The engine speed can be adjusted in conjunction with the pumping volume.

       6.Equipped with a dedicated central controller for construction machinery, a large-size high-definition display, and LCD remote control. The performance of the control system is stronger and the operation is more user-friendly.

    7.Adopts imported multi-way valve. and the boom is particularly maneuverable, achieve man-machine integration, the boom can be immediately and steadily stopped. The end hose is positioned quickly and accurately.

  • Name: Truck Boom Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump, Concrete Pump
  • Terms of Trade: EXW, FOB, CIF
  • Annual Production: 1000 units per year
  • Payment Terms: TT, LC or 30%TT+70% TT or LC
  • Color: Can be painting according to customer's requirement
  • Function: Pumping concrete to the building
  • Spare Parts Brand: Global Purchased
  • Main Oil Pump: REXROTH
  • Pumpcrete Condtion: 100% New Produced
  • Brand: Co-nele
  • Aftersales Service: Guarranty for One Year
  • Product Detail

    Truck Boom Pump, Concrete Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump

    Product Tags

    1.Technical date

    Main Parameters






    Pumping system

    Max. Theor. Output(high/low pressure) m3/h 75/125
    Max. Theor. Concrete Output Pressure(high/low pressure) MPa 10/6
    Rated Working Pressure MPa 32
    Pumping Frequency(high/low pressure) min-1 15/25
    Hopper Capacity L 600
    Filling Height mm 1400
    Hydraulic System Type Open Loop
    Distribution Valve S-valve
    Oil Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ125×1800
    Concrete Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ260×1800
    Hydraulic Oil Cooling Air cooling
    Recommended Concrete Slump cm 12~23
    Max. Aggregate Dimension mm 40

    Placing boom

    Structure Type 42-5RZ
    Max. Placing Depth m 42
    Horizontal Placing Radius m 38
    Placing Depth m 31
    Slewing Angle ± 270º
    Pipe Diameter mm 125
    End Hose Length mm 3000
    Outriggers Span (Front×Rear×Side) mm 9332×10130×9410
    Arm length The first mm 9460
    The second mm 7357
    The third mm 7163
    The fourth mm 6722
    The fifth mm 6906

    47m truck  (1) 47m truck  (2)Rotary anti-swing control technology

    With the new rotary brake technology, the boom swing amplitude is reduced by 60%.

    High abrasion wear parts

    The full integration of Germany’s technology has greatly improved performance. Straight pipe, hinged elbow pipe, large elbow pipe, and small elbow can reach a service life of 20-30 thousand cubes; the discharge port and transition sleeve can reach 40 to 60 thousand cubes; the life span of a piston can reach 20 thousand cubes; The service life reaches 50 thousand cubes, the cutting ring has a service life of 20 thousand cubes, and the delivery cylinder has a service life of 100 to 140 thousand cubes.


    Fault self-diagnosis technology

    The device status can be inspected every moment to monitor and diagnose faults in real time, which can effectively shorten the time for troubleshooting by 70%, saving you time and effort.

    Intelligent arm system

    Lift arm: Push the arm up/down switch up or down to automatically open or retract the boom.

    Limited activity height: When working with obstacles places can effectively prevent the damage caused.

    Boom overload protection technology:

    A safety valve device is added to the boom cylinder balance valve. When the boom load is too large, the overload oil pressure is automatically released to protect the boom from damage.

    Hydraulic oil level automatic detection and protection technology:

    real-time monitoring of hydraulic oil reserves, automatic alarm or stop pumping when the amount of oil is insufficient to ensure that the hydraulic system is not damaged.

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