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    Why boom pump truck need to always change the swing cylinder or sealing rings ?

    Did the pump owners find that the pumping cylinders around them have broken the oil seals of the swing cylinders, and the swing cylinders often change the seals, but they still leak oil, and even often change the swing cylinders, which are changed twice a month? What is the problem in the end, how to solve it? Today we have a chat about this problem.


    As a important part for pumping machine, reserve over again and again, it is easy to be injured or damaged. Sometimes, the concrete overflow of the hopper to the position of the swing cylinder may also cause strain on the piston rod of the swing cylinder.

    The pendulum cylinder is generally divided into a plunger type cylinder and a piston type cylinder. In the product update, the plunger type cylinder is gradually eliminated.


    If there is a frequent cracking of the oil cylinder cover, or if the seal is changed frequently, the cylinder may even be changed frequently. Then I strongly recommend that you check the upper and lower spherical bearings. If the upper and lower spherical bearings are seriously worn, the stroke of the pendulum will be changed, causing problems with the often bad pendulum. There are two spherical bearings on the rocker arm. There is one hopper on the bottom of the swing cylinder. It is recommended to replace the four together. If you replace the spherical bearing of copper, please clear the lubricating oil of the spherical bearing. Remember to apply lithium ester when installing.

    Post time: Sep-30-2018
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