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    What are the conditions for a small pump truck to be a good pump truck?

    What are the requirements for a good small pump truck? Apart from excellent quality and fine craftsmanship, what else should be considered?

    Stable performance
    After years of experience, CONELE Group has developed and put into production small pump trucks through strict technical research and development and market testing, low failure rate of equipment, and can adapt to a variety of operating environments. The core components (engine, chassis, oil pump, etc.) are all well-known brands at home and abroad. Under fully guaranteed working conditions, the product quality meets high standards and strong pumping system makes it easy for you to cope with both high-grade concrete and small high-rise pumping construction when on-board pumps are used.

    DSC hydraulic technology
    The oil cleanliness has been greatly improved, the interval of hydraulic oil replacement has been greatly prolonged, the boom tank has been prolonged by four times, and the pump tank has been prolonged by two times.

    Professional after-sales team
    The after-sales team is equivalent to the doctor of construction machinery. The after-sales team of CONELE Group upholds the concept of “helping every user to realize value”, and the service engineer is skilled, experienced and ready to stand by at any time. Cornell Group promises a one-year super-long warranty, two-hour response, 24-hour problem solving, escorting your pump car.

    Can make money
    In the end, the small pump is the most important is to earn money, have economic benefits. CONELE Group production of small truck according to the construction of new countryside and small towns development site, 25 meters -37 meters jib flexible, convenient transport, also comes with a stirring system, mixing and conveying concrete on site, the use of a machine, convenient and practical, can adapt to different working environment, the use of a wide range, high rate of return on investment.

    Post time: Jan-10-2019
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