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    The correct step to connect pipeline

    Small pump trucks can also be used instead of pumps during the operation of concrete pumping. The takeover is an important step. Before the pumping construction, the pipeline should be laid first. If the pipeline is not connected well, it may cause the pipe jam problem, which directly affects the construction progress and quality. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct method of taking over. Then what should be paid attention to when the small pump truck takes over? How to take over the pipe can effectively prevent the pipe jam? Let the Kony Group give you a detailed introduction.

    1. When the small pump truck is in the concrete pumping pipe, the pipe should be in a straight line as much as possible, and the use of elbows should be reduced, because the straight pipe is more smooth than the curved pipe, and it is not easy to cause blockage.

    2. The cone pipe is part of the concrete pump outlet. In order to prevent clogging, in this position, the pipe should not be bent directly. It is necessary to connect the straight pipe of 5 mm before connecting the pipe.

    3. When the small pump truck is pumped in the middle, only one can be added at a time, and it is necessary to lubricate the inner wall of the pipe with water first, and exhaust the air.
    4. The concrete pump is vertically downward, and an anti-separation device should be installed at the exit to prevent blockage.

    5. When the high-rise pumping, the length of the horizontal pipeline should generally be not less than 15% of the length of the vertical pipeline, and the pipeline shut-off valve should be connected in the horizontal pipeline. When the downtime exceeds 5 minutes, the shut-off valve should be closed to prevent the concrete from flowing back, resulting in blockage. In addition, the bend radius should be greater than 500 cm from a 90 degree bend from horizontal to vertical.


    The problem of taking over the small pump truck should be carried out according to the above method. Taking the correct take-over method not only saves time but also redu.

    Post time: Sep-26-2018
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