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    Teach you a few tricks to properly take the concrete pump down

    When the pipe is laid down, when the inclination of the concrete pump piping is large, the concrete may flow downward due to its own weight in the inclined pipeline, causing a void in the conveying pipe or causing the concrete to be segregated due to the self-flowing, thereby causing the conveying pipe to be clogged. To avoid this, the following measures can be taken:
    1. When pumping concrete down, the self-flow of concrete is closely related to its slump. Water should be pumped before pumping concrete, check the joints of each pipe to ensure that the seal does not seep water, and then pump the mortar to lubricate the pipe and at the same time The air is discharged.
    2. When the inclination of the piping is greater than 4°-7°, a horizontal pipe corresponding to a length of more than 5 times of the vertical drop should be provided at the front end of the downwardly inclined pipe, and the self-flow of the concrete can be prevented by the frictional resistance.

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    3. When the pipe inclination is greater than 7°-12°, in addition to the horizontal pipe of 5 times length set at the front end of the inclined pipe, an exhaust valve should be provided at the upper end of the down pipe. During the pumping process, if there is a cavity in the inclined pipeline, the exhaust valve should be opened first until the inclined pipeline is filled with concrete, and when the exhaust valve overflows the mortar, the exhaust valve is closed and normal pumping is performed.
    4. The downward pipe with a large drop can be installed in the center of the vertically downward pipe to install a stop pipe that acts as a brake. Insert several hard sponge balls or cleaning plugs before pumping the mortar to avoid the loss of mortar. They can hold the weight of the mortar.
    5. When restricted by the site conditions, when there is not enough space to arrange the horizontal pipe at the front end of the downward inclined pipe, the hose, elbow or annular pipe can be used instead to increase the frictional resistance and prevent the concrete from flowing downward in the pipe section.

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    However, regardless of whether the concrete pump is connected upwards or downwards, the horizontal conversion length of different pipes, in actual piping, due to the different forms, numbers and topography of the pipes, the actual conveying distance and height are also different, which is convenient for calculation. Replace the conical tube, elbow, hose, up vertical tube, down vertical tube, etc. into horizontal length. At the same time, the horizontal accounting value is also related to the concrete characteristics, pipe diameter and so on.

    Post time: Nov-21-2019
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