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    Safety precautions for stretching the boom of concrete pump

    1. Before operating the boom, it must be confirmed that the pump leg has been supported. Operating the boom must follow the order of operation.
    2.In thunderstorm or other inclement weather conditions, you cannot operate the boom. The boom cannot be used in weather greater than 8.
    3. When operating arm frame, the entire of the boom should be in the operator’s field of vision.
    4. Be careful of the danger of electric shock when working near the high voltage line. Ensure the safety distance (5 m) of the boom and wire.
    5. Below the boom is a dangerous area where concrete or other parts may fall and hurt.
    6. Below the end of the hoses is a dangerous area where are not allowed to stand. Do not guide the end hose when the pump starts pumping, because it could swing or spit out concrete to cause an accident. The dangerous area when starting the pump is the surrounding area of the end of the hose. The area diameter is twice the length of the end hose. For example, the length of the end hose is 3m, and the diameter of the danger zone is 6m.
    7. Do not bend the end hose. The end hose cannot be put into concrete.
    8. Press the emergency stop button immediately if an abnormal movement occurs. The professional staff will find out the reason and remove the hidden danger and continue to use it.


    Post time: Nov-02-2018
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