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    Qingdao CO-NELE Group Listing signing ceremony

    On December 5, 2016, the signing ceremony for the listing of Qingdao CO-NELE Group Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of CO-NELE Group. The development of this project marks the official entry of CO-NELE Group into the capital market.

    Mr. Lijin Lin, Chairman of the CO-NELE Group, Mr. Litao Yan , General Manager of CO-NELE Group, and Mr. Dexiang He and Mr. Anjian Ge from the Board of Directors attended the signing ceremony.

    As a fast-growing large-scale construction machinery and equipment enterprise, the management team of CO-NELE Group is far-sighted and always at the forefront of industrial development. This signing of the contract is the starting point of the new journey and far from the end. The CO-NELE Group not only shoulders the burden. It is only the expectation of employees, and it is also responsible for the overall rise of the construction machinery industry.

    The signing of the contract marks the first step of the “new starting point, new journey, new leap” of the CO-NELE Group, and it also represents the confidence and courage of the full rise of the small pump truck industry led by the CO-NELE Group.




    Post time: Jul-25-2018
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