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    CONELE concrete pump truck

    CONELE concrete pump truck is produced by Qingdao CONELE Group Co., Ltd., using advanced experience at home and abroad and modern advanced computer simulation technology to systematically analyze the stress and displacement of pump car structure. The influence of various parameters such as natural frequency on the fatigue life of the boom is discussed. At the same time, the hydraulic system is optimized and the new free fluid technology is adopted to greatly reduce the impact of pump commutation on the boom. We have several patents in the optimization of boom structure and the design of hydraulic system.

    The perfect product quality control, the consummate product manufacture, the meticulous quality inspection causes the CONELE pump car to reach the domestic leading, the international advanced level, the arm system all adopts steel plates and high strength cold rolled steel plate, Yield strength above 1000Mpa ensures high strength and light weight of the boom system. 100% of the arms, legs and fuel tanks are welded for stress treatment. Each weld of the boom system is tested 100% without damage or X-ray photos to eliminate any hidden defects in detail and make it more durable. We design as the accurate date through wire element analysis and dynamic simulation analysis to ensure the reasonable structure and excellent performance of the boom system. And the calculation and analysis results of the jib structure are verified by the state-level testing center for stress-strain test to prove results are consistent with the actual working conditions.

    CONELE Group has always insisted on customer-oriented, with many years of research and development, production experience of pump cars, according to customer requirements, designed the products as customers’ request, we always try to provide you the most suitable for the construction needs of pump cars, so that customers “only select the right one, no need to the expensive “.

    Post time: Feb-17-2020
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