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    Preparations before and after construction of small concrete pump trucks-Conele Group

    Small concrete pump truck, as a commonly used mechanical equipment in construction site, plays an obvious role in improving construction power, but it is also very important to arrange pipes before and after construction. If there is no timely treatment of small concrete pump truck residual dust, it is very easy to leave a layer of difficult to clean up the sludge, which will easily lead to equipment tubing aging, hydraulic immersion, etc., small concrete pump truck in operation, will inevitably leave a lot of dust, if not clean, it will affect the service life of the equipment.
    The distance between the cutting ring and the eyeplate is less than 0.1 mm, and there is no groove scratch more than 1 mm between them, so the direct water drawing method can be used.
    The concrete pump is sent to the pouring place until the clear water is flowed out of the output end of the conveyor pipe. If the pipeline is short and the cleaning effect is good, then the cleaning process is over.

    Post time: Feb-14-2019
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