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    Placing concrete cases

    In 2011, CO-NELE mobile cloth machine helped Wuxi Suning Plaza to build the first tallest building in Wuxi;

    In 2016, the CO-NELE Climbing Molding Machine helped the construction of Yinchuan Greenland Group, which made the first tall building of Yinchuan 301 meters;

    In 2016, the CO-NELE climbing cloth machine helped Jinan China Resources Group’s large-scale commercial center, Vientiane City, to become the tallest building in Jinan;

    In 2016, the CO-NELE climbing cloth machine helped the construction of the T1 tower of Shenyang Baoneng World Financial Center, which made the first tallest building in Northeast Asia 507 meters.


    CO-NELE cloth machine is the “first high-rise weapon”. Every achievement is a local symbol. Its reputation can be well-known both inside and outside without prestige. The product is on the one hand, on the other hand, our service is You can solve your worries, professional after-sales staff as long as you need to be on call. Meeting every customer is the aim that our company has been pursuing.

    Post time: Jul-25-2018
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