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    Kindly Inform: Don’t Waste your Small Concrete Pump Truck!

    Small concrete pump truck is one of the most widely used construction equipment in the construction engineering industry. It is widely used in various engineering construction.However, there will be some errors in the operation in the process of our daily use, which may lead to the delay of the construction period and accelerate the breakdown of the machine.So in view of this problem, let’s understand the right use method of small concrete pump truck together with small section at once.

    Small pump truck need to pump the right amount of water smooth pipeline before pumping .Some operators may misunderstand that long pipes should be filled with enough water to keep them smooth.In fact, if too much water is pumped during construction, there will be some damaged and leaking rings in the pipes.Investigate its reason, when hitting mortar, the interface that mortar and water touch is subjected to water immersion for a long time, water takes away cement slurry, form mortar segregation, pump resistance increases, cause cement slurry from the place of the damaged leather ring to extrude, then form blocked tube.


    Check these points before pumping:
    A. The equipment shall be placed smoothly and firmly as required;
    B. Do fill the water tank with clear water;Fill the tank of the smooth grease pump with lithium base grease smooth oil
    C. The gap of the glasses plate should not be too large, otherwise it will cause the same situation due to internal leakage of pulp;Considering the high pumping pressure and overflow of the main safety valve, the main system pressure can be adjusted to 28MPa.


    For piping request, the equipment shall be fully inspected:
    1, small pump truck long distance pumping resistance, try to cut down the bend, and should choose as far as possible rather than small bend.Practice has proved that every additional bend of 90o×R1000 is equivalent to adding 5m horizontal tube.Therefore, only 4 12 90o×R1000 bends were used in the pipe layout, and the others were 12×3m straight pipes and 12×2m straight pipes, with a total length of 310m.


    2.Pay attention to the reinforcement of pipes and the fastening of pipes. Long-distance pump can encounter the tube to jump to increase and blow out.So remember to full reinforcement to reduce the impact in the turning and some straight.

    3. After pumping, the pipeline shall be cleaned timely and the pipeline shall be cleaned twice from the center to ensure safety and security.What’s more,in the plug sponge ball, should be in front of a cement bag, with two sponge balls, plus a cleaning piston.
    Thanks for watching~

    Post time: Dec-25-2019
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