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    How to choose a good pump truck?

    First of all,check the quality of configuration element.
    The most important part of concrete pump truck is hydraulic pump, which decides the performance of the whole concrete pump truck.

    Choose a better hydraulic pump can help you use it longer. In addition,  hydraulic valve and hydraulic oil cylinder are also important.


    Last but not least, seller’s after-sales service.
    A comprehensive after-sales service gives you peace of mind because such a equipment is prone to glitches for the

    characteristics of system and the complexity of construction.


    Our equipment uses famous and mature brand PUSH/REXROTH main hydraulic pump to make sure the machine work well.

    We Conele provide the best after-sales service we can offer for customers for one year and we will try our best to offer you

    help whatever you need.Thank you

    Post time: Jan-06-2020
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