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    How to buy concrete pump truck

    With the rapid development of economy, market demand for concrete pump truck showed a trend of rising, a lot of contractor in order to shorten the construction period, reduce construction cost, with the help of a concrete pump truck to speed up construction. However, it is very important to choose the right concrete pump to ensure the construction. So how to buy a concrete pump truck? We introduce it as follows:

    It is known that there are many concrete pump truck manufacturers. Before buying concrete pump car, the purchaser must shopping around, that could make you know fairly well. When purchasing, we should not only know about the brand and quality of the concrete pump truck, but also inspect the performance and after-sales service of the pump truck according to the construct project situation and make comprehensive comparison. Only in this way can we find a concrete pump truck with high cost performance and suitable for the construct project. To be specific, choose and purchase concrete pump truck can start from these following aspects:Concrete pump truck quality and environmental requirements


    Before purchasing, you need check these things as follow:
    The authentication certificate of the purchased product,
    Type test report and special vehicles report of all items
    Vehicles catalog number,
    Quality system certification
    Get to know the quality of the concrete pump truck of the manufacturer.
    All the concrete pump truck of CO-NELE conform to the National quality standards for related products, not only get theQS (Quality System) (ISO9001-9002)andOSHMS(Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems)certification, its emissions targets and noise limit is also according to theenvironmental protection system (The 14000 System)certification requirements, so it’s very secure in terms of quality and environmental protection.Performance of concrete pump truck

    When choice and purchasing, purchaser should according to :
    The construct project situation;
    The branch sub-item project size of the truck used, the frequency of moving cars;
    The cycle length;
    As all above, you should easy to determine about this:
    Maximum pumping volume of concrete pump truck;
    Placing boom length, placing boom parameters;
    Appropriate to the truck chassis;
    After that, it is better to go to the concrete pump truck manufacturer to inspect the product performance.
    It should be pointed out that, CO-NELE concrete pump truck in the field of the production process is very good, not only all parts operate smoothly and flexibly, but also the fuel consumption rate of the engine is in line with economic indicators, the remote control operation is reliable, stable, welding process is very strict. There will never be weld cracking and other problems.After – sales service of concrete pump truck
    Besides the quality and performance of the concrete pump truck, the after-sales service of the concrete pump truck is also one of the key points.
    After-sales service quality of manufacturer;
    Service level;
    Whether the spare parts can be supplied in time;
    At present, the after-sales service of CON-ELE is first-rate, which not only enables customers to get the spare parts in the shortest time, but also provides customers with 24-hour door-to-door service. Even out-of-Warranty Period, free maintenance for life is provided.
    It is worth noting that, after meet the requirements of the above factors, purchaser can consider about the price of concrete pump truck. As far as the whole industry, the concrete pump of Qingdao CO-NELE could be said to be very cost-effective. Remind purchaser to check the detailed supply list and related information, certificate of qualification, operating manual, accessories, repair kit, etc. If you have further questions, please visit the official website for more details. You can also me for further information.

    Post time: Oct-16-2018
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