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    How should concrete cover well in order to make the construction function of concrete pump play a better role?

    How should concrete cover well in order to make the construction function of concrete pump play a better role?
    Pay attention to the use of concrete in the construction of concrete pumps:
    In summer concrete pouring temperature control, in order to prevent warehouse surface concrete temperature rising too fast, new concrete must be covered and kept warm in the pouring process. Insulating cotton quilt is usually made of insulating material. It needs to be covered with plastic braided strips besides polyethylene insulating coils of 1cm thickness on two layers. For convenience of field use, insulating cotton quilt is usually made into 1.5m*2.0m in size. When using casting construction, opening casting requires each warehouse to be equipped with not less than 50% of the warehouse area to keep warm. After casting is completed, concrete covering should be carried out immediately. When new concrete is found to be covered with insulation, it will be covered again after vibration. Until the initial stage of concrete or the warehouse so far, the temperature control is very strict until there is no strong sunshine. When the conveying capacity of tower belt conveyor meets the requirement of pouring, the area of warehouse surface insulation material should not be less than two-thirds of the warehouse surface area. Non-temperature-controlled concrete pouring and cross-section do not require thermal insulation.
    Concrete pump curing concrete pouring in summer, such as improper curing, will lead to concrete strength reduction or surface plastic shrinkage cracking, so it is necessary to strengthen concrete curing. Maintenance should be carried out immediately after completion or initial setting of concrete. Priority should be given to water conservation and sustainable conservation. One to two days after concrete pouring, the concrete should be fully wetted and the maintenance period stipulated by the national standard should be strictly observed. In large area sheet metal engineering, the use of curing agent is a practical and convenient method. The film formed by white curing agent can also reflect sunlight, reduce heat absorption of concrete and restrain temperature.
    Therefore, some white pigments are added into the curing agent. When the die is removed after the prescribed curing time, it is best to provide a wet cover for the surface. Maintenance time is related to component engineering, cement varieties and additive economy without additives. Under normal conditions, five kinds of commonly used cement should be no less than 7 days. Additives or projects requiring impervious and frost-proof should be maintained for no less than 14 days with spraying equipment.


    Post time: Apr-12-2019
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