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    How often does your concrete mixer wash?

    Many customers who bought our Konegra concrete mixer have the doubt: How often should the machine be cleaned? Worried that cleaning will waste material when used up, not washing and afraid of blocking the pipe. In order to better operate the concrete mixer without affecting the work, Koneile Machinery recommends that the construction party clean the concrete mixer every day after finishing the work, which will help the subsequent maintenance of the machine, and bring convenience to your future work.

    So how do you properly clean the concrete mixer?

    After the work stoppage, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10~15 minutes to clean, then remove the water and stones. When the operator needs to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power supply and removing the fuse, the switch box must be locked.
    It is forbidden to use the sledge hammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer cylinder and only remove it with a chisel.
    In the cold season, after the work is finished, apply the water to clean the mixer drum and drain the water in the water pump, water tank and water pipe to prevent the water pump, water tank and water pipe from freezing.

    The above is the cleaning of the concrete mixer that Koneile Machinery has arranged for you. If the concrete mixer can not be cleaned well, it will cause the failure of the concrete mixer. If the frequency of the failure is too high, it will directly affect the normal service life of the concrete mixer, which is not worth the candle. So for better construction, please remember to clean the concrete mixer every day after finishing work!

    Post time: Dec-18-2018
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