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    Daily maintenance of Concrete pump

    In general, the working environment of the concrete pump is relatively harsh, the surface is a very rough machine, in fact, it needs to be maintained on time. The length of the concrete pump’s service life has a lot to do with the daily maintenance methods. The following Qingke Xiaobian introduces some maintenance methods for concrete pumps:


    1. Check the wear level of the concrete pump pipeline by tapping, check the sealing condition of each pipeline joint, and ensure the seal is good. Check the hydraulic system for oil leakage and oil leakage.

    2, Xiaobian recommends that you always check the oil level and oil quality of the hydraulic oil. Under normal circumstances, the oil quality should be light and transparent, no emulsification or turbidity, otherwise the hydraulic oil should be replaced as soon as possible.


    3. Check the concrete. The piston should be well sealed and no mortar will penetrate into the water tank.
    5. Check the cutting ring and the glasses plate on time. The piston of the pump should minimize the gap.
    6. Check the working condition of the lubrication system in time. Under normal circumstances, the indicator rod of the progressive oil separator should be seen to move back and forth. At the lubrication position of the bearing position of the S-tube swing arm end and the position of the stirring shaft bearing, there should be lubricating oil. Slightly overflow.


    7. Check the electrical components of the concrete pump to ensure that their functions are normal.
    8. Check the reversing function of the distribution valve to ensure that the stirring device is working properly.
    8. Check the outside of the cooler. If any dirt should be cleaned immediately, it will easily cause the oil temperature to overheat.

    9. Check the vacuum gauge indication to ensure it is within the green area and must not exceed 0.04Mpa. In general, the suction pressure vacuum should be less than 0.02Mpa, and the return pressure vacuum should be less than 0.35Mpa.


    Post time: Nov-14-2018
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