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    Concrete distributor construction site, a variety of concluding methods to teach you

    Nowadays, in order to save costs and speed up the construction process, the construction industry generally uses concrete distributor to divide each layer into two construction sections. One part is concrete pouring or maintenance, the other part is steel bar, formwork, carpenter and so on. Two parts are replaced. This method can save resources and speed up the construction progress. In concrete pouring operation, the methods of concluding pouring adopted in construction site are tower crane + hopper operation, concrete pump operation, concrete pump + distributor pole operation, concrete pump + distributor pole operation and so on.

    Tower crane + hopper operation: This method is a more primitive one in concrete pouring operation. Ordinary construction site is equipped with only one tower crane, and the role of tower crane is very important in construction. Outer frame, steel bar, carpenter and other types of work are inseparable from tower crane cooperation, and once the tower crane is put into concrete pouring operation, the construction progress of other types of work will inevitably be affected. With the rise of floors, concrete lifting takes longer time, and the impact on other types of work will become more and more prominent. If the site is equipped with a tower crane, it will increase the cost burden of 20-30 thousand yuan per month. Because this method of operation has obviously reduced the construction progress, it has been gradually eliminated by many construction enterprises. Operation of concrete pump and distributor pole: By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the first three methods, Cornell R&D personnel developed a full hydraulic distributor pole. This series of bar has many advantages, such as large distribution radius, simple operation and repair, safety, greatly improving production efficiency, etc. It has been gradually accepted by the majority of construction units. With the rise of the floor, the hydraulic lifting method is selected to rise along with the floor. When the tower crane is lifted to seal the floor, the hydraulic distributing pole will play a more perfect role in the concrete pump.


    Post time: Apr-18-2019
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