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    bauma China 2018 |Perfect ending, CO-NELE Group wants to sign bulk orders!

    Newsletter: Bauma China 2018 is nearing completion, and the E7.801 booth has received a good news from the Konecra Group. On the last day of the BMW Show, we also signed domestic and international bulk orders! Domestic orders for the day were 30 million, and foreign orders were 10 million! Products such as the four bridges and 58 meters pump trucks have been sold out this morning. It is really gratifying!

    After signing the bulk order, on the morning of the 30th, the four-bridge 58-meter concrete boom pump truck exhibited by the Konecra Group was successfully sold, and the staff immediately posted a warning.


    58m Isuzu chassis pump truck – sold

    Concrete wet spray trolley – sold





    Post time: Dec-04-2018
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