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    After the concrete pump truck is parked for a long time, precautions for starting the construction

    Pump truck oil inspection:
    Check and replace as appropriate
    Chassis: engine coolant, engine, transmission, transaxle lubricant.
    Body loading: Whether the transfer case, rotary reducer, pump lubricant and hydraulic oil level are sufficient.
    Security check:
    Check and adjust or lubricate as appropriate
    Pump truck chassis:
    Operate and check: brake effect, clutch release / engagement is normal.
    Inspection: Tire pressure, tightening of tire bolts, drive shaft bolts, slewing support large bolts (top body).
    Pump truck body:
    Inspection: Whether the boom, outriggers, connecting rods, turret and their pins are cracked, deformed, loosened, or oozed out.
    Hidden fault inspection
    Check and adjust as appropriate
    Start the engine and warm it up for 10 minutes to check: the temperature of the coolant, the pressure of the oil, and whether there are any leaks in the pipeline.
    Operate the legs, boom, pumping, stirring and other actions for 10-15 minutes to check: whether the system functions normally and sensitively, whether the oil out of the lubrication points of the hopper and the delivery cylinder is normal, and whether there is oil leakage in each system. (You need to open the drain valve at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank before taking power until the clear hydraulic oil flows out.)
    Need to focus on lubrication: chassis drive shaft, boom and outrigger system pins, slewing support.
    Wash the pumping system’s washing chamber before leaving the car, and then add clean tap water.


    Post time: Mar-18-2020
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