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    About the daily inspection of fine stone concrete pump, look at this!

    About the daily inspection of fine stone concrete pump, look at this!
    As a manufacturer of fine stone concrete pumps for many years, CO-NELE group has summarized the daily inspection of fine stone concrete pump and the matters needing attention. Now we share to you, all you need to do is click like and repost it. click here to find more notes and posts.

    In the daily inspection and use of fine stone concrete pump, attention should be paid tothe cleaning of S-type pipe valve,the inspection of electrical componentsandthe inspection of hydraulic system.NO.1 S-type pipe valve cleaning

    S-type pipe valve
    If S-type pipe valve can’t accurate swing or s-type pipe valve action not harmonious, you can see from the hopper whether the S-type pipe is locked with rocks or other things like that, if it’s locked, you need to clear it, at the same time, determine whether there is any problem with the swing cylinder stroke.NO.2Hydraulic system inspection

    Hydraulic system
    A). Check all kinds of oil tubing, joints and valves. If there is any problem, it needs to be stopped and replaced to eliminate hidden dangers;
    B). Check the operating pressure of the overflow valve and adjust it in time;
    C). Check the main oil pump, gear pump and motor. If abnormal sound is found, the reason should be found and eliminated in time;NO.3 Inspection of electrical components and vulnerable parts

    Electric Parts
    A). All switches are required to be able to operate freely and ensure that the screws are free from loosening and damage;
    B). Electrical socket visual inspection, if rust burns , it should be replaced in time;
    C). Wire kink damage should be wrapped and replaced;
    D). Wear inspection of vulnerable parts, include intermittent adjustment and replacement of the wear plate and cutting ring, replace the piston and s-type pipe valves of the concrete fine stone pump, wear and replace of conveying cylinder, cleaning and replacement of filter element, etc;
    Fine stone concrete pumps can help with construction, but they can be dangerous when it’s not used properly and it’s not maintained properly. So pay attention to the daily maintenance of every step, correct use, timely maintenance, that will bring more benefits to customers.




    Post time: Oct-23-2018
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