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    About CONELE 38M Concrete Boom Pump Truck

    Conele Group main product, 38m concrete boom pump truck, specially designed by European industrial design team for the international market,uses SINOTRUK T5G chassis with high configuration and cost performanceand and higher reliability and oil saving German Man power.

    Large flow electronic control valve set can help control precisely and repair easily.
    The main hydraulic system adopts an open system with good cooling effect and easy maintenance.
    High and low pressure switching Suitable for all kinds of labeled concrete high, can realize pump concrete under various working conditions.Large displacement of low pressure and small displacement of high pressure. Low pressure rapid pumping of low-grade concrete, and high pressure strong pumping of high-grade concrete.
    The main oil pump adopts Germany rexroth, with large flow, sufficient oil supply and large pumping quantity.
    Boom multi-way valve adopts Italian Wolf electric proportional stepless adjustment, electronic control or manual control, flexible and convenient.
    The main conveying cylinder adopts a large conveying cylinder, which can realize generous conveying, reduce pumping times per minute, and extend the life of the whole conveying system.
    The system adopts the wireless remote control, realizing the stepless variable speed adjustment of the boom.It makes operation more stable, reducing shaking of the end and ensuring the accuracy of concrete placing.
    Finite element analysis, strain gauge test and non-destructive flaw detection technology ensure the reasonable, safe and reliable structure of the boom.


    Overall performance of Conele concrete pump truck is superior and reliable after years of research and hundreds of times of experimental verification.

    Post time: Jan-18-2020
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