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    Concrete Mixer pump Electric JBT30-11-45


    With mechanization replace artificial has become the most choices of these contractors. A small forklift truck with a mixing pump, can instead of the five or six people work, but also improve the work efficiency many times. Using a forklift to sand and gravel, cement and other materials into mixing pump, operated by remote control mixing hopper feeding pump, and pump itself after mixing, pump to the floor, etc, the whole operation is fairly simple, basic liberated labor, Moreover the mixing pump has small volume, convenient transferring, low energy consumption, etc, every suitable for the use of rural small committee.

  • MALITIA Price: US $ 5000-100000 / set
  • Min.Order Price: 1set
  • Facultates copiam: CCC / set per mense
  • Portus: Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Electric Type: JBT40-11-45
    Max Quantitate XVI: 20m3 / h
    Max Quantitate elit, 40m3 / h
    output OPPRESSUS : 11Mpa
    cylindro dia. X Stroke: Φ180 800mm *
    Max magnitudinem aggregati: ≤40mm
    motor notam, Yantai / Siemens
    elit altitudo / procul: 100m / 300m

    model  JBT40-10-45 DJBT40-11-56
    Type coegi Electric (Yantai motor) True Religion (LOVOL)
    Max.Theo. Output Volume (M3 / h) 40 40
    Max miscentes Volume (M3 / h) 20 20
    Max. Pressio exitus (Mpa) 10 11
    Max.Aggregate diametro (mm) Calculi, inveniemus postea, L lapis Cóntere: XL Calculi, inveniemus postea, L lapis Cóntere: XL
    Diametro cylindro (mm) Φ180 Φ180
    Miscentes potentia motricium 8 plena coegi hydrau
    Cum sublevasset potentia Hopper 4,5 plena coegi hydrau
    Aqua sentinam 0,55 plena coegi hydrau
    Potentia (kw) 45 56
    Oil Pump pelagus PLA7313 / Kawasaki  PLA7313 / Kawasaki 
    De interioribus cujusvis Circuli Delivery Pipeline (mm) Φ100 Φ100
    Ratio (mm) * * (IV)DC MMXCI MMDCCC * * (V)CC MMCC MMMCL
    Altiore pondus (kg) 4200 5400
    Max.Delivery coeli (m) (horizontalis / vertical) 300/100 300/100
    stipare  Quia 40HQ 1set Quia 40HQ 1set

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