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    Sentinam BUTIO dolor howo 37m


    1.EquipΦ230mm crassities cylindrulorum hoc loco mota sunt magna elit ratio, et magis quam materia LXXXVIII% effusio sit, numero dato in eodem loco mota est et humilis et amictus partibus longa vita;

    2. commutationem elit systema utitur potestate electronice. Quod est velox et accurate commutationem elit, est parvi momenti est ratio atque ad ipsam efficientiam auget flare magis quam VII% in conventional hydraulically ratio commutationem imperium.

    3.Adopts industriae sentinam magnam salsissimus vir vivens valvae integrated in recta est simplex, est parvum damnum pressura sunt, per conventional comparari valvae navitas saving XVII%. HYDRAULICUS system non prone calori.

  • FOB Qingdao Port: US $5000-100000/Set
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Facultates copiam: 300/Set per Month
  • Portus: Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Longitudo BUTIO: 37m
    Max Quantitate elit, 111m3 / h
    Carolus output Venti Impetus: 9.5Mpa
    Carl Tempus Pumping: 32t / min
    Delivery cylindro dia. × plaga: Φ230 * 1400mm
    Slewing anguli: ± ° CCLXX
    BUTIO Structure:  5RZ (1000Mpa ferro laminam)
    High SWITCH PB et humilis pressura, Electronically automatic imperium
    Chassis notam: SINOTRUCK HOWO / T5G / M5G

    Single-axle(4×2)chassis, Stable X outriggers, 5RZfolded booms, small leg spans, lighter overall weight, higher output pressure, boom opening has minimum height, well adaptability and good passability for bad site conditions.

    Main Parameters


    KNL5290THB 37-5RZ




    Pumping system

    Max. Theor. Output(high/low pressure) m3/h 66/111
    Max. Theor. Concrete Output Pressure

    (high/low pressure)

    MPa 10/6
    Rated Working Pressure MPa 32
    Pumping Frequency(high/low pressure) min-1 19/32
    Hopper Capacity I. 600
    Filling Height mm 1400
    Hydraulic System Type   Open Loop
    Distribution Valve   S-valve
    Oil Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ125×1400
    Concrete Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ230×1400
    Hydraulic Oil Cooling   Air cooling
    Recommended Concrete Slump cm 12~23
    Max. Aggregate Dimension mm 40

    Placing boom

    Structure Type   37-5RZ
    Max. Placing Depth m 36.1
    Horizontal Placing Radius m 32.6
    Placing Depth m 25.5
    Slewing Angle   ±270°
    Pipe Diameter mm 125
    End Hose Length mm 3000
    Min. Height of Opening Placing Boom mm 9000
    Outriggers Span (Front×Rear×Side) mm 6140×7606×8446
    Chassis and the whole machine Chassis Model   ZZ5207M521GE1
    Wheelbase mm 5200
    Engine Type   MC07.28-50
    Engine Power kW 206kw
    Oil Tank Volume I. 400
    Tail Gas Exhaust Standard   Nation V
    Overall Dimensions mm 9900x2496x3700


    Lubrication Mode   Manual and Hydraulic dual-use
    Oil Tank Volume I. 500
    Control Mode   Manual and Remote Control
    Maximum Water Pressure MPa 0.8
    Water Tank Volume I. 400
    Concrete Pipe Cleaning Mode   Water Cleaning / Dry Cleaning

    Total weight



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