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    Sentinam BUTIO dolor howo 37m


    1.EquipΦ230mm crassities cylindrulorum hoc loco mota sunt magna elit ratio, et magis quam materia LXXXVIII% effusio sit, numero dato in eodem loco mota est et humilis et amictus partibus longa vita;

    2. commutationem elit systema utitur potestate electronice. Quod est velox et accurate commutationem elit, est parvi momenti est ratio atque ad ipsam efficientiam auget flare magis quam VII% in conventional hydraulically ratio commutationem imperium.

    3.Adopts industriae sentinam magnam salsissimus vir vivens valvae integrated in recta est simplex, est parvum damnum pressura sunt, per conventional comparari valvae navitas saving XVII%. HYDRAULICUS system non prone calori.

  • Name: Truck Boom Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump, Concrete Pump
  • Terms of Trade: EXW, FOB, CIF
  • Annual Production: 1000 units per year
  • Payment Terms: TT, LC or 30%TT+70% TT or LC
  • Color: Can be painting according to customer's requirement
  • Function: Pumping concrete to the building
  • Spare Parts Brand: Global Purchased
  • Main Oil Pump: REXROTH
  • Pumpcrete Condtion: 100% New Produced
  • Brand: Co-nele
  • Aftersales Service: Guarranty for One Year
  • Product Detail

    Truck Boom Pump, Concrete Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump

    Product Tags

    Longitudo BUTIO: 37m
    Max Quantitate elit, 111m3 / h
    Carolus output Venti Impetus: 9.5Mpa
    Carl Tempus Pumping: 32t / min
    Delivery cylindro dia. × plaga: Φ230 * 1400mm
    Slewing anguli: ± ° CCLXX
    BUTIO Structure:  5RZ (1000Mpa ferro laminam)
    High SWITCH PB et humilis pressura, Electronically automatic imperium
    Chassis notam: SINOTRUCK HOWO / T5G / M5G

    Single-axle(4×2)chassis, Stable X outriggers, 5RZfolded booms, small leg spans, lighter overall weight, higher output pressure, boom opening has minimum height, well adaptability and good passability for bad site conditions.

    Main Parameters


    KNL5290THB 37-5RZ




    Pumping system

    Max. Theor. Output(high/low pressure) m3/h 66/111
    Max. Theor. Concrete Output Pressure

    (high/low pressure)

    MPa 10/6
    Rated Working Pressure MPa 32
    Pumping Frequency(high/low pressure) min-1 19/32
    Hopper Capacity I. 600
    Filling Height mm 1400
    Hydraulic System Type   Open Loop
    Distribution Valve   S-valve
    Oil Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ125×1400
    Concrete Cylinder Dia.×Stroke mm φ230×1400
    Hydraulic Oil Cooling   Air cooling
    Recommended Concrete Slump cm 12~23
    Max. Aggregate Dimension mm 40

    Placing boom

    Structure Type   37-5RZ
    Max. Placing Depth m 36.1
    Horizontal Placing Radius m 32.6
    Placing Depth m 25.5
    Slewing Angle   ±270°
    Pipe Diameter mm 125
    End Hose Length mm 3000
    Min. Height of Opening Placing Boom mm 9000
    Outriggers Span (Front×Rear×Side) mm 6140×7606×8446
    Chassis and the whole machine Chassis Model   ZZ5207M521GE1
    Wheelbase mm 5200
    Engine Type   MC07.28-50
    Engine Power kW 206kw
    Oil Tank Volume I. 400
    Tail Gas Exhaust Standard   Nation V
    Overall Dimensions mm 9900x2496x3700


    Lubrication Mode   Manual and Hydraulic dual-use
    Oil Tank Volume I. 500
    Control Mode   Manual and Remote Control
    Maximum Water Pressure MPa 0.8
    Water Tank Volume I. 400
    Concrete Pipe Cleaning Mode   Water Cleaning / Dry Cleaning

    Total weight



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  • We are conele group, we produce 30m to 63m beton pump, we set up our factory in 1993, we have CE, ISO9001, CCC, BV certificate, we are professional factory of concrete pump, no need to worry about quality and service, welcome to contact Bob freelly

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