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    47m BUTIO pump CARRUS


    1.EquipΦ260mm crassities cylindrulorum hoc loco mota sunt magna elit ratio, et magis quam materia LXXXVIII% effusio sit, numero dato in eodem loco mota est et humilis et amictus partibus longa vita;

    2. commutationem elit systema utitur potestate electronice. Quod est velox et accurate commutationem elit, est parvi momenti est ratio atque ad ipsam efficientiam auget flare magis quam VII% in conventional hydraulically ratio commutationem imperium.

    3.Adopts industriae sentinam magnam salsissimus vir vivens valvae integrated in recta est simplex, est parvum damnum pressura sunt, per conventional comparari valvae navitas saving XVII%. HYDRAULICUS system non prone calori.

  • FOB Qingdao Port: US $5000-100000/Set
  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Facultates copiam: 300/Set per Month
  • Portus: Qingdao
  • Payment Terms: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Product Detail

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    Longitudo BUTIO: 47m
    Max Quantitate elit, 130m³ / h
    Carolus output Venti Impetus: 9.5Mpa
    Carl Tempus Pumping: 32t / min
    Delivery cylindro dia. × plaga: Φ260 * 1800mm
    Slewing anguli: ± ° CCLXX
    BUTIO Structure:  6RZ (1000Mpa ferro laminam)
    High SWITCH PB et humilis pressura, Electronically automatic imperium

    X firmum outriggers
    Chassis notam: SINOTRUCK 
    Chassis: Puer axis revincti (VI × IV)

    item 37-5RZ 44-5RZ 47-6RZ
    THEOR. Output (M3 / h) (humilis / princeps pressura) 116/68 125/75 125/75
    THEOR. Pressio exitus (Mpa) (humilis / princeps pressura)  6/10  8/12  8/12
    Sentinam Frequency (T / min) (summus / humilis pressura) 19/32 15/25 15/25
    Delivery cylindro diametro (mm) * Φ230 MDCL * Φ260 MDCCC φ260 × MDCCC
    Insecta altitudinis (mm) 1400 1400 1400
    notam gb SINOTRUCK HOWO / T7H / M5G
    Latin Emission National IV / V nationalibus
    Ponatur altitudo BUTIO max / profundum / radii (m) XXXVII / 25.5 / 32.6 44/33/40 47/43/36
    Slewing angle (°) 540
    Et humilis-pressura per altum switch automatic imperium
    imperium obsessio Electric proportionalem obsessio
    lubricatae modum Et usus dual-manual hydrau
    stipare Artus Flack / Roll, Roll / Volume Cargo

    CO-NELE concrete pump truck structure receives has on boom’s fatigue life on CO-NELE’s drawing on advanced experience both at home and abroad. Meantime, the company optimized hydraulic system’s design, adopted latest free fluid technique, greatly lessened pumping reversal’s impact on boom,and won many patents on concrete pump truck structure’s optimization and hydraulic system’s design. Perfect product quality control, perfect product making, and absolutely adequate quality inspection make CO-NELE pump truck achieve CHINA’s leading level and international advanced level. Pump system adopts steel plates all from SWEDISH SSAB, which have been treated by high-strength coldrolling with yield strength beyond 900Mpa, to ensure boom system with high-strength and light weight. The system’s aggregate carrying pipe,landing leg,and oil tank,etc. all have been treated by 100% stess removing after welding. Every welding seam has been treated by 100% nondestructive evaluation or X radial check to avoid any tiny defect and to make the machine more enduring.

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