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    Өзін HGY28 HGY32 өрмелеу

    Қысқаша сипаттамасы:

    Product Application

    Horizontal reach:32m(not including the end hose). Height of the tower:22m. Mode of drive: fully hydraulic.

    When a placing boom is in use, it is anchored to the floor with initally prepared holes. If it is required to rise up, a tower crane is needed to lift the placing boom up to the next higher floor for being anchored. And one rising of the placing boom can meet the requirements of concrete placing for two floors.

    If the floor is large in size, it is advisable to have several tower bodies mounted on the floor so that only one boom-assembly is needed to be lifted to mate to the tower bodies, thereby saving boom-assemblies and cost.

    Features: compact design, easy operation, reliable safety and suitable for the construction of high buildings.

  • FOB Бағасы: $ АҚШ 5000-100000 / жиынтығы
  • Min.order саны: 1Установите
  • Жеткізу қабілеті: айына орнату 300 /
  • Порт: Циндао
  • Төлем шарттары: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Бөлшекті өнім

    Өнім Тегтер

    Үлгі: HGY28,HGY32

    жетегінің режимі: Толығымен гидравликалық

    Boom құрылымы: 28-3M, 32-3M / 4M

    Құбыр диаметрі: 125мм

    When using,it is ancred to the floor with initiallly prepared holes. If it is required to rise up,a tower crane is needed to lift the placing boom up to the next higher floor for being anchored.one time climbing can meet the requirements of concrete placing for two floors.
    Compact design,easy operation,reliable safety and suitable the construction of high building

    тармақ HGY28-3M HGY32-3M HGY32-4M
    түрі Floor Fixed Self Climbing
    көлденең Reach 28m 32m 32m
    бұрыштың қыратының 0-85 ° 0-85 ° 0-90 °
    күш 11 22 22
    Boom Open Way 3R 3R 4R
    Boom ұзындығы (мм) 12000/9100/6200 13960/10600/7430 88800/8000/8001/7840
    бұрыш 92°/177°/180°/181°
    соңы RubberHose
    ішкі диаметрі Φ125mm
    Weight 18.5t 19.5t 19.6t
    қайшылықтар No counterweight
    орауыш 40HQ * 2 40HQ * 2 40HQ * 2


    The arced boom structure is optimized by applying CPU design. The boom adopted high-strength steel plate for production with scientific process. It features beautiful appearance, superior rigidity and intensity, ensuring excellent and reliable quality.

    B. Hydraulic system

    G series products adopted world-famous Germany Rexroth oil pump, proportional valve
    (with operating handle) and balance valve with secondary overflow, while C and E series 
    products adopted Germany Rexroth solenoid directional control valve and balance valve
     with secondary overflow. It has effectively avoided the potential damages of boom
     which might be caused by over speed movement when the boom drops down, and sudden 
    increase of oil cylinder’s pressure under external forces, thus the reliability of the boom
     has been increased.

    C.Inner Hydraulic Oil Tank

    Inner hydraulic oil tank renders a compact structure and free swivel. It gives big 
    convenient for installation, dismounting and maintenance, which ensure longer service 
    life and excellent performance.

    D.Climbing Facility

    As a rectangular frame structure, the climbing facility is flexible, reliable and convenient
    for dismounting.

    E.Slewing Mechanism and Reducer

    Slewing reducer adopted products made by the world famous brand of Italy Comer, with 
    a great torsion. Being accompanied with the integrated slewing balance valve made by 
    Germany Hawei, it achieves smooth operation and reliable and stable performance.

    F.Wireless Remote Controller

    G series products adopt industry-exclusive analogue wireless remote controller made by
    Germany Hetronic, along with the proportional valve made by Germany Rexroth,it makes movement smooth, hydraulic impact limited, and performance reliable. Apart from that,
    it makes possible the stepless speed regulation and multi boom and slewing interaction, which enhanced work efficiency greatly. 
    ■C and E series products adopt industry-exclusive analogue wireless remote controller made by Taiwan TELECRANE, which is easy and convenient to operate, highly resistant to
    disturbance and reliable in performance.
    ■Each series are accompanied with wired remote controller for use in necessity.

    G.Electric Control System

    The electric control system adopted world famous brand of electric components, such 
    as Japanese Omron and French Schneider. The multi automatic protection is set up in
    the control program, so as to avoid misoperation and ensure the system’s reliability.


    The column is made of high-strength steel plate in square shape, with nice appearance,
    rigidness and intensity, as well as high reliability.

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