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    47 meter Boom Pump Truck

    Short Description:

    1.EquipΦ260mm silinder, pamindahan sistem pumping gedhe, panyerepan materi luwih saka 88%, ing pirang-pirang commutation karo pamindahan padha kurang, lan bagéan urip nganggo dawa;

    sistem 2.The pumping adopts kontrol elektronik commutation. Mompa commutation cepet lan akurat, kanggo impact sistem cilik, lan efficiency pumping nyata wis tambah dening luwih saka 7% saka sistem commutation balancing kontrol conventional.

    tutup 3.Adopts industri truk pump gedhe Integrasi, baris prasaja, mundhut meksa cilik, dibandhingake energi tutup conventional nyimpen 17%. sistem Hydraulic ora rawan kanggo panas.

  • Name: Truck Boom Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump, Concrete Pump
  • Terms of Trade: EXW, FOB, CIF
  • Annual Production: 1000 units per year
  • Sarat Pembayaran: TT, LC or 30%TT+70% TT or LC
  • Color: Can be painting according to customer's requirement
  • Function: Pumping concrete to the building
  • Spare Parts Brand: Global Purchased
  • Main Oil Pump: REXROTH
  • Pumpcrete Condtion: 100% New Produced
  • Brand: Co-nele
  • Aftersales Service: Guarranty for One Year
  • Detail produk

    Truck Boom Pump, Concrete Pump, Pumpcrete, Beton Pump

    Tags Product

    Boom Length: 47 meter
    Max Pumping Kapasitas: 130m³ / h
    Max Output Pressure: 9.5Mpa
    Max Pumping Time: 32t / min
    Delivery Cylinder dia × stroke:. Φ260 * 1800mm
    Slewing Angle: ± 270 °
    Struktur Boom:  6RZ (1000Mpa Steel Plate)
    High lan kurang meksa Ngalih: elektronik kontrol otomatis

    Stabil outriggers X
    account sasis: SINOTRUCK 
    sasis: Double-poros (6 × 4)

    item 37-5RZ 44-5RZ 47-6RZ
    Theor. Output (M3 / h) (kurang / dhuwur meksa) 116/68 125/75 125/75
    Theor. Outlet Pressure (MPa) (kurang / dhuwur meksa)  6/10  8/12  8/12
    Pump Frequency (t / min) (dhuwur / kurang meksa) 19/32 15/25 15/25
    Delivery Cylinder Diameter (mm) Φ230 * 1650 Φ260 * 1800 φ260 × 1800
    dhuwur dipakani (mm) 1400 1400 1400
    sasis account SINOTRUCK HOWO / T7H / M5G
    polusi Standard National IV / National V
    Manggonke boom max dhuwur / ambane / Radius (m) 37 / 25,5 / 32,6 44/33/40 47/43/36
    Slewing amba (°) 540
    dhuwur meksa lan kurang ngalih-liwat kontrol otomatis
    kontrol pamindahan Electric pamindahan ceceg
    cara lubrication Manual lan hydraulic dual-nggunakake
    packing Flack Frame / Roll-Roll / Bulk Cargo

    CO-NELE concrete pump truck structure receives has on boom’s fatigue life on CO-NELE’s drawing on advanced experience both at home and abroad. Meantime, the company optimized hydraulic system’s design, adopted latest free fluid technique, greatly lessened pumping reversal’s impact on boom,and won many patents on concrete pump truck structure’s optimization and hydraulic system’s design. Perfect product quality control, perfect product making, and absolutely adequate quality inspection make CO-NELE pump truck achieve CHINA’s leading level and international advanced level. Pump system adopts steel plates all from SWEDISH SSAB, which have been treated by high-strength coldrolling with yield strength beyond 900Mpa, to ensure boom system with high-strength and light weight. The system’s aggregate carrying pipe,landing leg,and oil tank,etc. all have been treated by 100% stess removing after welding. Every welding seam has been treated by 100% nondestructive evaluation or X radial check to avoid any tiny defect and to make the machine more enduring.

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  • We are conele group, we produce 30m to 63m beton pump, we set up our factory in 1993, we have CE, ISO9001, CCC, BV certificate, we are professional factory of concrete pump, no need to worry about quality and service, welcome to contact Bob freelly

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