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    Бетонамяшалка помпа Электрычны JBT30-11-45

    Кароткае апісанне:

    With mechanization replace artificial has become the most choices of these contractors. A small forklift truck with a mixing pump, can instead of the five or six people work, but also improve the work efficiency many times. Using a forklift to sand and gravel, cement and other materials into mixing pump, operated by remote control mixing hopper feeding pump, and pump itself after mixing, pump to the floor, etc, the whole operation is fairly simple, basic liberated labor, Moreover the mixing pump has small volume, convenient transferring, low energy consumption, etc, every suitable for the use of rural small committee.

  • FOB Кошт: US $ 5000-100000 / камплект
  • Min.Order Колькасць: 1set
  • Магчымасць пастаўкі: 300 / камплект у месяц
  • Порт: Qingdao
  • Тэрміны кампенсацыі: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Падрабязнасці па прадукту

    пазнакі тавару

    JBT30 Technical parameter
      пункт блок Parameter
    Pumping system Max. Theo. Output m3/h 40
    Concrete delivery pressure MPA 11
    Distribution valve S трубкі
    Pumping motor power KW 45
    Oil volume L 200
    Hopper capacity L 560
    Канкрэтны дыяметр цыліндру * ход мм Φ180*1000
    Oil cylinder specification мм Φ100 *1000
    вышыня падачы мм 1070
    Разрадка выпускнога дыяметра мм Φ150
    Максімальны памер запаўняльніка мм Pebble:40 Crush stone:30
    delivery distance not too long Pebble: 50 Crush stone:40
    намінальная хуткасць r/min 1480
    Hydraulic oil type Full hydraulic controlled open loop
    Mixer system Max. Theo. Feeding capacity L 600
    Max. Theo. Mixing Quantity m3/h 20
    Mixing capacity L 450
    Змешванне магутнасць рухавіка KW 8
    Lifting motor power KW 4.5
    вадзяной насос KW 0,55
    Main system maximum oil pressure MPA 32
    Max. mixing speed r/min 15
    Other parameter The max theoretical delivery distance Horizontal 350m
    Vertical 120m
    вага kg 4800
    Towing speed km/h ≤8
    Dimensions(L*W*H) мм 4900*2050*2600


    dfadsfsd (1)

    Hydraulic Oil Pump

    Original Korea Kawasaki oil pump

    (Some supplier use the fake Kawasaki, for custom is hard to distinguish.

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    Hydraulic pipe

    High pressure hydraulic oil pipe, four layer of steel wire, the voltage endurance capacity up to 35Mpa.

    Effectively avoid the situation like leakage, block pipe,off connection and so on. Make sure the whole machine stability. 

    dfadsfsd (4)

    Centralized lubricating system

    Point to point lubrication protects main components from wear and tear.

    dfadsfsd (3)

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